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Candy Crush Level 32 Guide

Available Moves: All you can make in under two minutes
Goal: Earn at least one star within the time allotted
Target Score: 25,000 points
Two Stars: 33,000 points
Three Stars: 42,000 points

Unlike the other timed levels, this one gives you two minutes to earn all the points that you canget. This is because you will have a very huge meringue constellation right smack in the middle of the
game board. The initial pressure is on clearing off these blockers, and the rest of the level will justdepend on focus and a bit of luck as well. To help you earn more points, here are some tips and
strategies you can use for Candy Crush level 32:

1. Break the meringue blocks as fast as you can.
Clearing blockers will give you big points, and will also delimit the board for more candies and
more opportunities. Meringue blockers are cleared by making combinations adjacent to it, so that
would be your initial goal for this level.

2. Make consecutive combinations quickly:
Timed bonuses in the form of +5 second candies appear after every 5 moves done with no lag
time in between. More time means more opportunities to score, so aim to get a lot of time bonuses. For
best results, work from the bottom: the cascade effect will provide you with consecutive combinations,
and therefore earning you time bonuses and special candies on the way!

3. Leave some time bonus candies and special candies at the end of the time limit:
These would be worth more once the clock stops ticking, so if you’re aiming for three stars, then
make sure you leave some of these to be converted to bigger points!

4. Had fun with this level? Well, go on to the next one! But before that, make sure you’ve spun the free booster wheel today, all right?

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