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Candy Crush Level 321

Available Moves: 45 moves
Goal: Candy order (60 blue and 60 yellow candies)
Target Score: 10,000 points
Two Stars: 95,000 points
Three Stars: 125,000 points

Wow, you’re here already? Well, congratulations for finishing yet another episode in the saga! Here I shall welcome you to level 321, the first level in the Munchy Monolith episode. This level is pretty generic since there are only a few elements on the board besides regular candies. The most glaring challenge in this level is the four candy bombs that are hiding underneath 4-layer meringues and next to a number of marmalade. These bombs only have 15 moves on them, so there is a sense of urgency in trying to detonate them. Beyond such bombs, there are no other big challenges. The level is not that hard, just remember the following tips and strategies:

1. Use the candies adjacent to the bombs:
Do not prioritize breaking the meringues when you can actually defuse the bombs without clearing the meringues. Use the candies adjacent to the bombs by clearing the marmalades.

2. Work from the bottom:
Since you need to collect 120 candies all in all with only 45 moves, so you better work from the bottom of the board so you could take advantage of cascade effects and accidental combinations.

3. Make special candies:
Special candies are also effective in collecting candies, so make as much special candies as you can. A color bomb + striped candy combination is the best combination to get.

4. Welcome yourself to the Munchy Monolith episode by claiming your daily free booster!

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