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Candy Crush Level 324

Available Moves: 40 moves
Goal: Candy order (80 green, 80 red, and 80 purple candies)
Target Score: 10,000 points
Two Stars: 90,000 points
Three Stars: 110,000 points

There are no other challenges in this level aside from the candy bombs that spawn from the candy cannons. These bombs are positioned above portals that would ensure that the bombs would fall into places that would allow them to be detonated immediately. There is a cross-shaped void in the middle of the board that disrupts the flow of your candies. Although there are just 5 colors in this level, special candies may be hard to come by especially color bombs. It is nice that the goal is just a candy order, so you just have to remember the following strategies to be successful in this level:

1. Prioritize defusing candy bombs:
Make sure that once a bomb appears on screen, your priority would be detonating it. First let it pass through the portals and then pair them with regular candies.

2. Work from the bottom:
Remember that you have only 40 moves to collect all 240 candies, so it is essential that you take advantage of cascade effects and accidental combos to collect candies for you.

3. Make special candies and special candy combinations:
Ideal combinations to get in this level are the following: a pair of striped candies and a wrapped + striped candy combo.

4. Have fun crushing candies in this level, but don’t forget to pick up your daily free booster from the spinning wheel!

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