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Candy Crush Level 327

Available Moves: 40 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (29 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 80,000 points
Two Stars: 155,000 points
Three Stars: 185,000 points

The board in this level is highly limited due to locked up candies and voids all over the place. This becomes a problem because there are jellies on every corner that may be hard to clear due to their location. Special candies are absolutely needed to pass the level, so it is wonderful that some special candies are already given for free when you play the level. There are quite a few jellies and no blockers aside from the locked up candies. It is still possible to fail the level, though, if you forget the following tips and strategies:

1. Release the locked up candies:
You have no choice, actually, since the locked up candies have jellies under them. Since they could be hard to clear, prioritize them first before you do anything else.

2. Use the special candies given for free:
Be careful and strategize properly so you could maximize the effects of the free special candies. Try pairing the color bomb with a striped candy for optimal results.

3. Make special candies of your own:
Don’t rely entirely on free special candies. Make some of your own and let them deal with the tricky jellies on the corners.

4. Have you spun the daily booster wheel today?

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