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Candy Crush Level 333

Available Moves: 40 moves
Goal: Special candy order (3 pairs of striped candies)
Target Score: 15,000 points
Two Stars: 35,000 points
Three Stars: 50,000 points

Initially, it could be hard to get even regular combinations because there are a lot of licorices wirls and 5-layer meringues limiting the moves you can make. It could be hard to open up the board since there are a few candies available when you start the level. However, if you manage to clear the blockers immediately upon starting, the goal should be pretty easy to get since there are only 5 colors in this level. However, more licorice swirls spawn as the level progresses, so that could be a problem. It is quite tricky this level, so you might want to remember the following useful tips:

1. Use your initial moves to open up the board:
You’re not going to get all 6 striped candies you need to pass the level with all those blockers intact. Work immediately on breaking them down and try to use up as few moves as possible when trying to do this. Remember that getting the goal also demands a lot of moves.

2. Work from the bottom:
Once the meringues are gone, make moves on the bottom of the board because cascade matches sometimes generate striped candies by accident.

3. Pair the stripes at once:
Once you have two striped candies beside each other; pair them immediately to avoid the risk of accidentally setting one off before you could pair them.


4. Do not forget your daily treat from the booster wheel!

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