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Candy Crush Level 338

Available Moves: 50 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (34 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 100,000 points
Two Stars: 275,000 points
Three Stars: 320,000 points

The jellies are easy to locate in this level since all of them are located under the two-layer meringues. Special candies could really help in clearing the meringues and the jellies under them and you could easily make them since there are only 5 colors on screen. The top part of the board in this level is the place where you could make these special candies. When you start clearing the meringues and the jellies, you run the risk of releasing an onslaught of candy bombs. Even if the bombs have 14 moves on them, it could be difficult to deal with them if there are too many bombs on screen. All in all you have to depend slightly on blind luck to be successful in this level, and the following tips could help:

1. Fill up the top part of the board with special candies:
It is easier to deal with the lower part of the board that has a lot of blockers and jellies when you have special candies ready at hand on the top part of the board.

2. Detonate candy bombs at once:
There’s no way you can delay the onslaught of bombs in this level so the best you can do is detonate each bomb immediately as it appears onscreen.

3. Focus on clearing the jellies:
Use the special candies you’ve saved up on the top portion of the board and make special combinations from them. A wrapped + striped candy combination is good but a color bomb + striped candy combination would be better.

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