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Candy Crush Level 339

Available Moves: 50 moves
Goal: Candy order (250 orange candies)
Target Score: 25,000 points
Two Stars: 135,000 points
Three Stars: 155,000 points

Level 339 is an easy level only made challenging because of the presence of chameleon candies. However, the most that the chameleon candies can do is to confuse you, and once you figure out which two colors the chameleon candies alternate on, they lose their power and the level could easily be yours. 250 orange candies may be a lot to collect with 50 moves but as long as you know how to play your candies, you’d be good for this level. Here’s how:

1. Get rid of the blockers:
The marmalade covering of some candies and the two-layer meringues in the board limit the moves you can make. Make sure you get rid of them so that more orange candies can go into your board.

2. Work from the bottom:
You need 250 candies, so you better work on the bottom part of the board first so you could trigger cascades and in effect collect more candies in a shorter span of time.

3. Make special candies:
Wrapped candies are wonderful collectors of candies, but if you can, aim for a bigger combination which is a color bomb + striped candy combination.

4. Drop by the spinning wheel today and pick up one free booster.

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