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Candy Crush Level 34 Guide


Available Moves: 30 moves

Goal: Bring down all the ingredients (3 apples and 4 cherries)

Target Score: 30,000 points

Two Stars: 60,000 points

Three Stars: 90,000 points

30 moves is usually a lot to work with, but not in this level. On average, you actually have to drop down one ingredient in every four moves to pass this level. The game board is kind of helpful,
though, with two bracket-like voids in it! The trick is to know how the board and the given candies could work well for your cause. The target score is nothing to be worried about, as Candy Crush will give you 70,000 points just by sliding down the ingredients. Here are some tips to help you slide those fruits down:

1. Make the board work for you:
The voids won’t get your ingredients stuck, remember that! As a matter of fact, they make life
easier by instantly sliding ingredients 7 slots down when it passes through the voids! Instead of avoiding those, actually aim to get your ingredients through them!

2. Work from the bottom:
Focus on making moves in areas below the ingredients. Naturally you’d have to clear bottom
jellies so your ingredients could slide down, so don’t waste moves in columns containing no ingredients.

3. Mix and match special candies.
Colour bombs are useless unless paired with striped candies. Basically just get stripes and match
them with other specials, and you’d be good to go in this level.

4. Check the spinning wheel: have you claimed your free booster today?

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