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Candy Crush Level 341

Available Moves: 40 moves
Goal: Special candy order (6 color bombs)
Target Score: 10,000 points
Two Stars: 45,000 points
Three Stars: 65,000 points

Although half of the required number of color bombs are already given for free when you play the level, it is very hard to reach them so you might want to just make your own color bombs especially since there are only 40 moves to get all 6 color bombs and trying to get to the 3 free color bombs could use up a lot of these moves. This is because the board is again divided into three panes. The licorice column makes it hard to get to the right pane since striped candies are not effective when there are licorice swirls blocking them. You’d think that getting color bombs is easy since there are only 4 colors, but since the panes are so narrow, it’s easier said than done. The following tips could help, though:

1. Chip away at the peppermint:
It’s still worth a try to get to the three free color bombs, so use your first moves to clear the blockers on the left side of the board. Keep your eyes open for any color bomb combination while you are clearing blockers.

2. Make color bombs on the left pane:
Open up the left pane wide enough so that color bombs could be easily generated and activated.

3. Use the color bombs to get more color bombs:
Once you get your first color bomb, use it immediately to eliminate one color from the game so that the remaining candies could spawn up color bombs easily.

4. Spin the free booster wheel to get your daily special!

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