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Candy Crush Level 342

Available Moves: 25 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (12 single coated and 14 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 40,000 points
Two Stars: 50,000 points
Three Stars: 65,000 points

Your success in this level would depend largely on blind luck. There are only a few jellies but some are under a lot of layers of meringues. There is however enough jelly fish to get rid of these jellies especially when you pair these jelly fish with special candies. You just have to be cunning in using the jelly fish in this level because it is impossible to manually clear the blockers to get the jellies when there are only 25 moves. The following tips could help in your strategy for this level:

1. Get a color bomb:
A color bomb + striped candy combo is already a guaranteed win in this level, so try hard to get a color bomb in the right place so you could pair it with a jelly fish.

2. Clear the accessible jellies first:
If you are unable to score a color bomb, just manually clear the jellies that aren’t hidden by blockers and use the jelly fish to clear the ones that are beneath blockers.

3. Also use other special combinations:
A color bomb + jelly fish combination is the best, but other special combos are helpful, too! For instance, a wrapped + striped candy combination could clear up many jellies.

4. Spin the wheel and catch your daily booster!

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