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Candy Crush Level 35 Guide


Available Moves: 60 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (72 jelly boxes, 12 of which are single coated and 60 of which are double coated)
Target Score: 130,000 points
Two Stars: 230,000 points
Three Stars: 280,000 points

What you need to realize as early as now is that, final levels of episodes are never easy, and
level 35 is not an exception. However, being the first final level, this would be the easiest one. With all 6 colours present on-screen, it could get hard to form special candies and special candy combinations. The game board is pretty regular, though, so you only have to worry about corner jellies because those are the tricky ones:

1. Start on the tricky ones:
The clue is that tricky jellies are only single coated, so try to get those out of the way so you’d
have an easier time cruising through the rest. Initial moves should be dedicated to clearing tricky ones, and maybe scoring some specials!

2. Always work from the bottom:
Take care of the bottom candies and candy crush will take care of the upper one’s for you! Focus
your attention and make sure you don’t waste moves fixating in one part of the game board. Roam your
eyes and look for the best move (one that would clear out multiple jellies)

3. Detonate special combos!
A pair of colour bombs would especially be prized in this level, but any special combo would do,
as there are a lot of jellies to be cleared. When there are very few jellies left, and you wouldn’t want to try again, you can use a lollipop or +5 moves booster!

4. Speaking of boosters, have you claimed a free one today?

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