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Candy Crush Level 350

Available Moves: 60 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (73 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 145,000 points
Two Stars: 300,000 points
Three Stars: 380,000 points

Now this level is very notorious and it has been voted the most difficult level in the whole saga on the online forums. True enough, there are a lot of jellies in this level and more often than not, 60 moves aren’t enough to clear all of them. There are also two bomb dispensers that are put in a location that’s so annoying since the only way to reach these bombs is to hit them with special candies that may be hard to get in this level due to the number of colors on screen. It is a really cruel level, so it would pay to remember the following tips and strategies to be successful here:

1. Get to the bottom of the level:
Break through the meringues as fast as you can without activating the onslaught of bombs just yet. Focus on making vertical stripes or wrapped candies but do not make special combinations yet. Manually get to the bottom and then work your way up from there.

2. Make special combinations:
Whatever you do, just be careful not to start the spawning of candy bombs because they are really hard to clear.

3. Try again:
It is not likely that you will finish this in one sitting. Just try again and again and don’t lose hope. People before you have done this, so will you.

4. Use some boosters to speed up this level, but don’t forget to replenish your supply by spinning the free booster wheel today.

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