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Candy Crush Level 351

Available Moves: 60 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (63 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 125,000 points
Two Stars: 195,000 points
Three Stars: 215,000 points

First, let me give you a tip of a hat for finishing level 350! Now, this level will be the first one for a whole new episode on the Saga. With that, welcome to the Fudge Islands episode! This first level has a so-so difficulty since there are just a few blockers and they are easily cleared. The problem would be that there are a lot of colors (all six) in this level, making it hard for you to get special candies which may mean that most of the time, your 60 moves won’t be enough. However, you can still make the most of how many moves you got by keeping the following tips in mind:

1. Clear the blockers:
Prioritize clearing the sole chocolate frame because there is a possibility that it would eat up the single surprise candy given for free. A good candy may spawn from that surprise so make sure chocolates won’t spoil the surprise. Next clear the licorice and locked up candies so your board would open up.

2. Work from the bottom:
Take advantage of the cascade effect so that you can clear multiple jellies in a short span of time. This is a good way of making the most of your 60 moves.

3. Make special combinations:
Best ones to get for this level are pairs of wrapped candies and color bomb + striped candy combinations.

4. Welcome to the Fudge Islands episode! Go get yourself a free booster from the spinning wheel as a gift of welcome.

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