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Candy Crush Level 359

Available Moves: 30 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (84 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 80,000 points
Two Stars: 100,000 points
Three Stars: 120,000 points

There are an awful lot of jellies in this level and they are positioned around this big void in the middle of the board so some of them can be hard to clear. There are also a number of 5-layer meringues that you have to clear because they hide jellies under them. With only 5 colors in this level, you’d expect that special candies are easy to get but they aren’t exactly easy in this level due to the void. It might take you a few tries before you can clear all the jellies so you have to be patient. The target score is also very high so you need special candies to get the score you need. The following tips can help you a lot so
remember these:

1. Work from the bottom:
Use the cascade effect so that the jellies on top can be easily cleared. Maximize accidental combinations and maybe special candies may also be spawned.

2. Clear the meringues:
Consciously try to clear them but do not shift your focus from clearing the jellies. Just use adjacent combinations to clear the meringues and you’d be good.

3. Make special candies:
Keep your eyes open at all times since special candies may be easy to miss in this confusing level.

4. Spin the free booster wheel and get your free booster for today!

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