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Candy Crush Level 362

Available Moves: 45 moves
Goal: Special candy order(3 pairs of striped+color bomb combinations)
Target Score: 30,000 points
Two Stars: 135,000 points
Three Stars: 165,000 points

It can be hard to get all the special orders needed for this level because it is most likely that as you pair one color bomb with one striped candy, all the other special candies on the board will also get wiped out. This means you have to start from blank once you get your first combination. Also, there are 10-move bombs that would spawn from the two isolated columns. They may be hard to clear since the moves in the columns are limited. You might have to create special candies to get rid of them. Two color bombs are already given for free, but they aren’t much of a help either so you really have to sweat it out to be successful in this level. The following tips could help, though:

1. Make your own color bombs:
Use at least one of the given color bombs to pair with a striped candy immediately. However, it is most likely that the other one will be detonated once you pair your first order, so just make your own color bombs.

2. Detonate bombs at once:
The bombs only have 10 moves on them, so don’t waste time and simply detonate each one as soon as they appear on your board. Strategize well for this. Use other specials if absolutely needed.

3. Focus on what you need:
Scout the board for possible color bomb opportunities and get them at once. Be careful not to prematurely detonate color bombs before they can be paired with striped candies.

4. Have fun crushing candies, but don’t forget to pick up your daily booster from the spinning wheel!

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