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Candy Crush Level 364

Available Moves: 40 moves
Goal: Bring down all ingredients (2 cherries and 2 hazelnuts)
Target Score: 60,000 points
Two Stars: 120,000 points
Three Stars: 150,000 points

This level also only has 4 colors in it, like the others that came before it. This is very useful in detonating the three bombs that are in the board as soon as you start the level especially since the bombs only have 8 moves in them. And they are located in an island isolated from the rest so they can’t be cleared using regular combinations. As far as dropping ingredients is concerned, there is no real challenge saves for the three chocolate frames that could easily be extinguished by a single horizontal stripe. The level is tough but not hardcore difficult. All you need to remember is the following tips and you should be fine:

1. Focus on the bombs first:
A single horizontally striped candy could get rid of the three 8-move bombs so focus first on clearing them out.

2. Clear the chocolates before they could spread out:
It could be very hard to clear the chocolates once they take over the whole isolated island, so better get rid of them altogether while they are still few.

3. Prioritize powerful specials:
Once the bombs and chocolates are gone, try to get a color bomb + striped candy so that the ingredients could easily drop down.

4. Have fun with this easy level, but don’t forget to drop by the spinning wheel today! Let’s hope this time you hit the jackpot.

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