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Candy Crush Level 37 Guide


Available Moves: 50

Goal: Clear all jelly (23 single/double coated jelly frames)

Target Score: 60,000 points

Two Stars: 80,000 points

Three Stars: 120,000 points

If you haven’t hated candy jail and locked-up candies by now, I’m sure you will after this level.17 of the 23 jellies are hiding underneath candy jails. Some locked up candies are also inaccessiblewithout you freeing the other ones, so this level really is hard! Special candies and special candycombinations are especially important in this level, so you’d have to form a lot of these! Here are some effective tips and strategies to get past this level:

1. Assess the candy situation before you even make your first move:
To succeed in this level, you’d have to make sure that your locked up candies are easy to break
free, so reset the game over and over again until you find a board that’s easy enough to manoeuvre. Just
make sure not to make any moves first until after you’ve decided that the board given to you is friendly
enough for your jelly-clearing goal.

2. Clear all the meringue:
Meringues have jellies hiding underneath, so make sure you don’t miss clearing off those

3. Tricky ones first.
Corner candies are locked up and very hard to get to, so if you could focus some attention to
those ones that would be great!

4. Use special candies and special candy combinations to your advantage:
Colour bombs are not much of a help alone, so wait until you can pair one of these with other
special candies! A pair of wrapped candies will also be helpful for the blockers!

5. Have you claimed your daily free booster?

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