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Candy Crush Level 388

Available Moves: 40 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (64 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 130,000 points
Two Stars: 150,000 points
Three Stars: 200,000 points

The really annoying things in this level are the chocolate spawns that are in the four corners of the board. When not cleared immediately, they can take over the panes and make it very hard for you to clear the double coated jellies. There is also a chocolate fountain in the middle of the board which could disrupt or even halt the flow of candies. It also becomes a threat in taking away some of the
surprise candies that could help you. Color bombs are impossible to manually create in this level, so you would have to bank on other special candies this time. No worries though, the following tips and
strategies are here to help you out in this level:

1. Reveal the surprise candies:
Better sooner than later; remember that the surprise candies are under the threat of being eaten up by chocolates! Maximize them by revealing immediately what they are about to spawn.

2. Keep the chocolates at bay:
Immediately remove the chocolates that are on the corners of the board. After that, make sure you keep the chocolate fountain at bay by clearing at least one chocolate spawn with every move you make.

3. Create special candies of your own:
With luck, the surprise candies have already spawned special candies. These wouldn’t be enough though; you still have to make some of your own special combinations such as pairs of wrapped candies.

4. Pick up one free booster from the spinning wheel!

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