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Candy Crush Level 389

Available Moves: 40 moves
Goal: Special candy order (20 color bombs)
Target Score: 200,000 points
Two Stars: 800,000 points
Three Stars: 1,000,000 points

14 out of the 20 needed color bombs in this level are already given when you start playing the level. They may be hidden by marmalade covers but they are surely useful especially in making the generation of 6 more bombs easier. There are a number of 15-move bombs as well so there is a sense of urgency when you begin playing the level. Surprise candies may also either help or disrupt your game plan, so you got to be careful. On top of all these things, you also have to consider that there are chocolate spawns threatening your mobility in the level. With all these things you have to keep in mind,
let the following tips and strategies help:

1. Reveal the surprise candies:
If the surprise candies actually have color bombs underneath them, you’d want to know this straight up so you won’t waste moves.

2. Use the given bombs to make even more bombs:
Do not pair two color bombs in this level. Just eliminate one color from the board one at a time using single color bombs. This way, you can easily make color bombs from the remaining candies on this board.

3. Focus:
Do not make other special candies aside from color bombs. Do not crowd your board with elements you do not need. Detonate bombs while you’re at it, though.

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