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Candy Crush Level 391

Available Moves: 40 moves
Goal: Candy order (77 yellow, 66 blue, and 55 red candies)
Target Score: 90,000 points
Two Stars: 500,000 points
Three Stars: 800,000 points

The challenge in this level emanates from the two bomb cannons on top of the isolated columns on either side of the board in this level. The candy order is actually not that difficult to collect, but there is a very big chance that you can lose the level due to the bombs running out of available moves. Sure, you can use a pair of color bombs to get rid of all the bombs currently on screen. The problem is that when you do this, you waste the other color bombs by exposing them. The level is not really difficult but there is a slight challenge. All you need is to remember the following tips and strategies and you’d be good:

1. Expose two adjacent color bombs and pair them together:
Do not remove the marmalade cover on the other color bombs and make sure you just pair two color bombs at first to just keep the candy bombs at bay.

2. Always be conscious of the bombs:
Collect the candy orders but do not forget the candy bombs that spawn on the isolated columns
because they could cost you the game if you’re not careful.

3. Use the color bombs to your advantage:
Do not pair other color bombs. Just eliminate one required color at a time for optimal results
regarding your candy orders.

4. Spin the daily booster wheel!

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