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Candy Crush Level 396

Available Moves: 35 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (17 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 70,000 points
Two Stars: 110,000 points
Three Stars: 125,000 points

First of all, welcome to the first level of a whole new episode in the Saga! Level 396 is the first ever level for the Polka Palooza episode. As of this level, there are no new elements yet. This is just a generic level that has very few jellies to be cleared. There is a heart-shaped formation of chocolates around the jellies that could be annoying when they spread especially that there is one chocolate fountain on the bottom of the board. There are three 9-move bombs that you should worry about when starting the level too. All in all the level has a lot of urgent elements so you have to remember the following tips and strategies to be successful:

1. Immediately remove the chocolate spawns:
Do not give the chocolates any chance to spread out further by clearing them out once and for
all. Even the chocolates from the chocolate fountain must be cleared immediately.

2. Detonate bombs quickly:
There is a sense of urgency in clearing the bombs since they only have 9 moves on them. Don’t
let too much time lapse and address them properly.

3. Use special candies when clearing the jellies:
Regular candies may suffice in clearing the jellies, but you kind of need some moves to be left so that you can reach the rather high target score.

4. Spin the free booster wheel and claim one free booster today.

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