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Candy Crush Level 397

Available Moves: 30 moves
Goal: Candy order (50 blue and 50 green candies)
Target Score: 10,000 points
Two Stars: 45,000 points
Three Stars: 60,000 points

The level in this small is quite small and it is all the more frustrating due to the chocolates that plank the walls of the board. There are all 6 colors on screen, so it may be problematic to collect the candies that you need to pass the level. There is one cake bomb in the middle board that could help you in this quest, and there are also four striped candies given for free for your convenience. They could be used as soon as they are freed from candy jail. It might be useful for you to make special combinations for this. For more important tips and strategies, read on:

1. Clear the chocolates and locked up candies:
The chocolates can easily block off the source of candies. You can’t let this happen so make sure you clear out all chocolates on board. Use the special candies by getting them out of being locked out.

2. Explode the cake bomb:
Maximize the effect of the cake bomb by immediately clearing out their slices. Use adjacent
simple and special candy combinations for this.

3. Work from the bottom:
Since you need to collect 100 candies if specific colors, you better take advantage of cascade
triggers and accidental combinations.

4. Have you spun the free booster wheel today?

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