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Candy Crush Level 4 Guide

Candy Crush Level 4 Guide


Available Moves: 15 moves

Goal: Get at least one star within the given available moves

One Star: 4,500 points
Two Stars: 6,000 points
Three Stars: 9,000 points

From the last guide for Level 3, you’ve learned how to make special candies and special candy combinations! Well, level 4 is all about that. 15 moves are not plenty, and getting 4,500 points can be hard if you just make regular 3-candy matches. So, here’s how you can conquer this level:

1. Work from the bottom:
Logically, working from the bottom means that you’ll get cascade matches, or combinations that form accidentally when the candies are shifted around. It would be ideal if you can get matches on the bottom most rows, since that would shift the most candies and could trigger a good cascade effect!

2. Make special candies every chance you get!
Opportunities to make special candies can present itself to you, but you have to make them yourself sometimes. This means you’d have to strategize and shift the candies around so you’d get matching colours together. Never settle for a 3-candy match when you can make it a 4 or even a 5-candy combination! Be creative!

3. Hold on to your special candies:
Unless you’re down to your last few moves, do not detonate your special candies immediately upon formation. Remember that special candy combinations would earn you more points, so try to always pair special candies with one another, and have fun with the amazing effects!

4. Connect your mobile game to Facebook, and add a lot of friends who also play Candy Crush:
You might have noticed by now that Candy Crush allows you only 5 games at a time. However, if you have friends, they can lend you extra lives, so you won’t have to wait lengthily for your lives to regenerate.

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