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Candy Crush Level 40 Guide

Candy Crush Level 40 Guide

Available Moves: 30 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (21 single coated and 12 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 30,000 points
Two Stars: 70,000 points
Three Stars: 90,000 points

In this level, there are only 7 locked up candies, but the catch is that you actually have to free all
of them before you can proceed with clearing the other jellies. Special candies would be kind of easy to come by, so it’s just an issue of wise usage. 30 moves would usually be excessive, especially when you manage to free the locked up candies immediately. Here is how you can actually ease up this level so you could continue on in the saga:

1. Assess the candy situation so you know whether or not to restart:
You have to make sure that the locked up candies are easy to free, or else you’d have a hard
time the whole game. Reset the board until you can find such friendly one.

2. Make a lot of special candies:
Hold on to your special candies and try to detonate multiple ones all at once for optimal effect.
The colour bomb + striped combination would be most coveted in this level, so try to get that one.

3. Keep track of the jellies:
You can aim for bigger scores by getting special candies one after the other, but never keep your
eyes off the goal. Make sure you have enough moves left to clear those last few stubborn jellies, and
you’d be good to go!

4. Had fun with this level? Well, go on to the next one! But before that, make sure you’ve spun the free booster wheel today, all right?

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