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Candy Crush Level 404

Available Moves: 50 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (54 single coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 50,000 points
Two Stars: 110,000 points
Three Stars: 150,000 points

The chocolate fountains will eternally be annoying in this level especially since there are so many of them. They will eat at least one of your jelly fish, I guarantee it. This is very unfortunate since you need the help of all the jelly fish given for free in order to clear the jellies that are under the chocolate fountains, since the only way to reach them is through special combinations and the jelly fish. Since special combinations can be few and far in numbers for this level, you got to preserve the jelly fish for later on in the game. For more important strategies, read on:

1. Clear the jellies on top first
Remember that the chocolate can’t spread as long as the marmalade covering of the jelly fish are intact. So focus first on clearing the jellies on top so your jelly fish can take care of the ones at the bottom.

2. Make special candies:
Try to get a striped + wrapped candy combination and activate it immediately to clear some of the blockers on the bottom, hopefully making the jellies easy to clear.

3. Release the jelly fish:
Make the jelly fish responsible for the tricky jellies on the bottom.

4. Spin the daily booster wheel and enjoy your free booster!

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