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Candy Crush Level 411

Available Moves: 40 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (76 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 150,000 points
Two Stars: 390,000 points
Three Stars: 420,000 points

First of all, welcome to the first ever level to the Soda Swamp episode! This is the level where a new element is introduced: the tornadoes. Tornadoes are definitely worse than chameleon candies since they fully remove the predictability of the level especially when they come in big numbers.Tornadoes grace your board randomly, taking out one candy at a time by staying in one candy slot and then moving again to another slot after each move. You can practice with tornadoes on level 411 since there are five of them here. The goal is quite tricky since there are a lot of jellies and blockers to be cleared, but there are only 5 colors of candies here, so special candies can easily come and go. For level-specific tips, read on:

1. Clear the chocolates:
Initially, they are not a threat at all since they only come in three frames. This is exactly why you have to get rid of them immediately. You don’t want them spreading out and making a bigger mess on your board, do we?

2. Clear the meringues:
The meringues in this level have jellies underneath them, so it is also important that you immediately work on clearing the meringues. Use adjacent regular and special combinations to easily accomplish this task.

3. Clear the jellies:
While you are accomplishing this goal, know how the tornado works. There are going to be more of them in the next levels, and it is quite important that you learn how they work as early as now.

4. Start your journey in this new level by getting one free booster from the daily spinning wheel!

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