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Candy Crush Level 427

Available Moves: 35 moves
Goal: Special candy order (5 wrapped candies)
Target Score: 15,000 points
Two Stars: 65,000 points
Three Stars: 120,000 points

Since there are already 10 wrapped candies on board when you start playing the level, you only have to worry about getting two more. This shouldn’t be a great challenge since there are only 5 colors on screen for this level. The challenge comes at the beginning as you try to detonate the sole candy bomb situated in the bottom row of the board. There is a slight challenge here because even though the bomb has 20 moves to it, it is still located under a lot of blockers, and the bomb is locked up as well. The voids make the level really hard due to the inaccessibility of some blockers and candies. For level-
specific tips, refer to the following:

1. Focus on letting the wrapped candies explode:
Note that there is a wrapped candy right on top of the candy bomb you should explode. This means that if you only focus on making this wrapped candy explode, it will already detonate the bomb with it.

2. Get rid of the blockers:
You need the space that the blockers are occupying. You need more candies to fall in these slots in order for you to get the wrapped candies you need.

3. Focus:
Try not to make any other special candies since they won’t help in any way for your goal in this level. Just create wrapped candies whenever you can and you’d be good for this.

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