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Candy Crush Level 43 Guide

Available Moves: All you can do in two minutes
Goal: Earn at least one star within the allotted time
Target Score: 22,000 points
Two Stars: 33,000 points
Three Stars: 44,000 points

Timed levels are the players’ favourite types of Candy Crush levels. This is because timed levelsCandy Crush level 43 Strategy
can go on and on forever, but only if you’re quick enough to score a lot of time bonuses. For this level,
locked up candies can prove to be real pains, as you are being limited in your initial moves, and initial
moves are really crucial in time levels. You can’t bank on special candies in this level at least for the first
few seconds, so you’d really have to strategize to successfully finish this level. Here’s how:

1. Clear the topmost locked up candies within your initial moves.
The goal is to remove the limits on your combination opportunities by freeing the top layer of
candy jail. If you could form horizontal stripes to clear the blockers all at once, then do that. If not, then
just focus on the top layer. This wouldn’t just widen the board; it would also earn you a lot of points.

2. Make quick combinations in succession.
This is how you get time bonuses, so make sure that once your board is already wide enough,
you make a lot of combinations one after the other. Score a lot of time bonuses and the level can go on
and on, earning you lots and lots of points!

3. If you’re ready to end the level, leave some time bonus candies and special candies behind:
These candies earn you bigger points once the clock stops ticking, so leave as much of this as
you can if you’re done playing.

4. Have you taken a spin at the booster wheel today?

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