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Candy Crush Level 431

Available Moves: 50 moves
Goal: Bring down all ingredients (2 hazelnuts)
Target Score: 20,000 points
Two Stars: 75,000 points
Three Stars: 110,000 points

50 moves seem like a lot to use to bring down just two hazelnuts, but this is just enough since there are a lot of distracting elements in the board for this level. Just adjacent to your exit points are a number of annoying locked up candies. In the same row are two chocolate frames and one chocolate fountain. A little above these elements are some 5-layer meringues that could disrupt the flow of candies and ingredients on the way to the exit points. One color bomb is also provided to help you out, so learn to maximize it and the following tips and strategies as well:

1. Use the free color bomb wisely:
Try hard to get a striped candy to pair your color bomb with. Any other special combination won’t be as effective in helping your goal for this level so really try to get this one.

2. Free the middle locked up candies only:
There is real challenge in releasing locked up candies, and trying to clear all locked up candies in this level would be unnecessary. Focus on the middle locked up candy of each side since this is where ingredients would spawn anyway.

3. Work from the bottom:
Work from the lower portions of the board to save up on points by maximizing accidental matches and cascade triggers.

4. Spin the daily booster wheel and enjoy your free booster! Let’s hope you hit the jackpot today!

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