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Candy Crush Level 45 Guide

Available Moves: 35 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (55 jelly squares)
Target Score: 140,000 points
Two Stars: 175,000 points
Three Stars: 250,000 points
55 double coated jellies are very hard to finish with only 35 moves. There are only 18 candies Candy Crush level 45 Strategy
that do not bear jellies in this level, but these are locked up, so they don’t really help you. Also, there is
an isolated candy right smack in the middle of the game board, inaccessible except by special candies,
and you have to hit it twice! Basically this level is impossible to conquer without the help of a lot of
special candies, but you’d have only 5 colours to deal with, so it would be achievable. Here’s how:
1. Work from the bottom:
Focus on clearing jellies in the bottom part, and for sure you would trigger huge cascades that
would clear a number of jellies situated in the upper part. Look for every opportunity to score special
candies, for it is really necessary.

2. Free the locked up candies:
Try to, but do not fixate. The goal is just to widen up the playing area, making it easier for you to
form special candies and make special candy combinations.

3. Seek every opportunity to clear the isolated candy:
Striped candies and coloured bombs must ultimately be used in trying to clear that central island

4. You did it? Good job! Now check the spinning wheel and get your daily booster for free!

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