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Candy Crush Level 455

Available Moves: 40 moves
Goal: Candy order (120 red, 120 blue, and 120 orange candies)
Target Score: 50,000 points
Two Stars: 250,000 points
Three Stars: 500,000 points

The orders for this level are quite generic, but there are a lot of candy bombs that could easily distract you from achieving this goal. There are 16 bombs all in all when you start the level, and they all have only 15 moves on them. There is a sense of urgency since you need to clear multiple bombs at once so you could proceed to collecting the orders. As for collection of candies, you are lucky to have 6 free color bombs to help you out. Even so, 360 candies are still hard to collect although there are only 5 colors on screen for this level. You still need special candies to take these color bombs out of their marmalade covers. For that, the following tips and strategies could help you out:

1. Detonate bombs:
Start from the bottom-level bombs so that there would be a chance that accidental matches would take care of the upper-part bombs.

2. Get the color bombs out of their marmalade covers:
Make it a point to get two color bombs out of their marmalade covers first. Once you get two color bombs out of their marmalades, make them meet and pair them with each other so that more candies will be collected and other color bombs will also get released from their covers.

3. Use other bombs wisely:
Once you are able to make two color bombs meet, use the others to clear individual colors on the board. Make sure you let them collect necessary colors.


4. Enjoy one free booster that you could claim from the daily spinning wheel!

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