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Candy Crush Level 46 Guide

Available Moves: 15 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (9 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 20,000 points
Two Stars: 50,000 points
Three Stars: 90,000 points
Meringue blockers stage an encore appearance in this level, and they will assert their power by Candy Crush level 46 Strategy
proving to be very hard to clear out. The jellies would be inaccessible unless you clear the meringue
blockers and this is a very tall order seeing as you will only be given 15 moves. The jellies are double
coated, too, as if the level isn’t hard enough yet. Special candies and special candy combinations would
surely play a big part in this level, so collect as many of those as you can. For other useful tips and
strategies, read on:
1. Reset, reset, reset!
Make sure you never settle on a game board that do not offer ready opportunities for candy
combinations adjacent to the meringue blockers. You’d need to clear as much of these as you can and as
fast as you can, so choose a game board accordingly.

2. Plan every single move, strategize!
Remember: 15 moves only. Make sure your every move counts, and avoid making moves that
won’t clear any jellies, unless you’re making a colour bomb.

3. Make and mix special candies.
The special combination you’d want for this level is a colour bomb + striped candy combination,
but any will do. 15 moves, remember? We can’t be too picky.

4. Did you use a booster to get over this level? Well, replenish your supply! Claim your free booster from
the daily spinning wheel!

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