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Candy Crush Level 461

Available Moves: 50 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (64 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 125,000 points
Two Stars: 200,000 points
Three Stars: 230,000 points

Once again, corner jellies would be your major problem for this level especially with the presence of some gaps or voids near the bottom jellies. This becomes an even bigger issue since there are a lot of chocolate spawns in this part of the board. You might have to make a lot of special candies in order to clear these chocolates, and clearing the jellies would be the next problem. Locked up candies help in keeping these chocolates at bay and there are also some jelly fish that could help clear the corner jellies which are tricky to clear manually. With all 6 colors, the level is surely more challenging than it looks. That’s why you better take the following tips and strategies to help you:

1. Clear chocolates before locked up candies:
You’ve got to be careful since freeing the locked up candies would cause the chocolate spawns to spread out to other parts of the board. It is best to use vertical stripes without hitting the last locked up candies on the far left and right side of the board.

2. Use special candies in clearing jellies:
Make the level easier by allowing special candies to help out. Take out the blockers first and then try to make as many special combinations as possible.

3. Save the jelly fish for last:
Since there are a lot of tricky corners, it is best to leave the jellies up to the last moment in order to make sure that they wouldn’t clear jellies that are easy to clear, but that they will go to the trickier ones.

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