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Candy Crush Level 467

Available Moves: 35 moves
Goal: Special candy order (2 color bomb + wrapped candy combinations)
Target Score: 10,000 points
Two Stars: 180,000 points
Three Stars: 210,000 points

There are only four colors on board for this level, so it is quite easy to get wrapped/striped candies. Color bombs may be hard to get with the layout of the board for this level. However, there are already four color bombs given for free at the start of the level. They are under marmalade covers, and you still need to get striped candies to get them out of the marmalade covers. With 35 moves, it could be easy to get the orders especially with the color bombs provided. The target score is also really achievable, so you need only remember the following tips and strategies to be successful in this level:

1. Make vertical stripes:
You need to get the candies on the lower portion of the board out of their marmalade covers. You can achieve this by activating vertical stripes from the upper portion of the board.

2. Bring wrapped candies down to the color bombs:
You can use two of the four free color bombs to eliminate some colors from the board to make getting wrapped candies easier. Manage to get wrapped candies and then bring them down to meet with color bombs.

3. Focus:
If you don’t focus, you might accidentally set off the color bombs before you could pair them with wrapped candies. Do not allow this to happen.

4. Remember to pick up one free booster from the spin wheel!

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