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Candy Crush Level 470

Available Moves: 55 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (15 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 50,000 points
Two Stars: 100,000 points
Three Stars: 200,000 points

The bombs sure pose legitimate threats, but the bigger problem you will encounter in this level is the presence of a lot of chocolate fountains on screen, and near your jellies as well. All 6 colors are on screen, making it hard to get special candies that you really need to counter the voids that are on top of the chocolate fountains. They make the jellies quite hard to clear without real effort. Some color bombs are given for free, but they’re basically useless unless you first manage to clear the locked up candies or chocolate spawns around them. For level-specific tips you can use, read on:

1. Release the locked up candies:
There is no better way to start the level than to free up the trapped candies since they have bombs inside them that need to be detonated immediately. Accomplish this task immediately upon starting the level.

2. Use the color bombs wisely:
If some bombs are about to explode, using the color bombs to clear them manually. If there are none, simply pair the color bombs with other special candies for optimal results.

3. Make more special candies:
Keep the chocolates at bay by clearing them using special candies. Try to clear jellies and chocolates by using good special combos such as wrapped + striped candy combinations.

4. Have you spun the free booster wheel today?

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