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Candy Crush Level 473

Available Moves: 45 moves
Goal: Special candy order (24 wrapped candies)
Target Score: 25,000 points
Two Stars: 85,000 points
Three Stars: 105,000 points

You only need to make 6 wrapped candies on your own since there are already 18 wrapped ones provided at the start of the level. However, all the free wrapped candies are positioned in awkward peninsulas and they are under marmalade covers that may be challenging to clear without the help of special candies such as horizontally striped ones. All 6 colors are on screen, meaning there is also somehow a challenge in generating the rest of the wrapped candies you need to pass the level. All in all, the level is more challenging than difficult, so you only need to remember the following tips and strategies to ensure success:

1. Prioritize activating the upper wrapped candies:
The tendency when you start exploding the lower wrapped ones would be that the upper ones could get stuck under marmalade covers and could be hard to clear. Explode the upper ones first and then work your way down.

2. Get other special candies:
Unlike other special candy levels, this one would require special candies other than the ones required. You need some striped candies to free the wrapped candies from their covers. Even color bombs can help you out in this task.

3. Look for every opportunity to make wrapped candies:
Note that you need to make six more. There’s no time to waste and make sure you use the free ones to your advantage.

4. Spin the daily booster wheel and enjoy your free booster!

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