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Candy Crush Level 475

Available Moves: 45 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (65 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 130,000 points
Two Stars: 200,000 points
Three Stars: 300,000 points

Corner jellies are as usual very difficult to clear, and a chocolate fountain adds to the challenge. All in all, the whole board is quite annoying and frustrating at times even with only 5 colors available. There are a lot of corners that house jellies that are hard to clear. Some special candies may accidentally spawn, but more often than not you have to work hard to create more special candies. It could be helpful to use boosters such as instant color bombs or some jelly fish but it is possible to win the level without those, just remember the following tips and strategies:

1. Work from the bottom:
Since there are a lot of jellies, you need to maximize accidental matches and cascade triggers. You can do this by working on the bottom jellies first in the hope that the upper jellies could accidentally clear themselves.

2. Keep the chocolates at bay:
Since there is a chocolate fountain, chocolates are constant threats. The way to go about this is to immediately clear the chocolates that spawn from the chocolate fountain before they could spread further.

3. Make special candies:
Tap the help of special candies such as wrapped and striped candies to help you out in clearing the lot of jellies that are on screen. Special combinations could help big time.

4. Have fun crushing candies, but make sure you don’t forget to pick up your free booster from the daily booster wheel!

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