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Candy Crush Level 477

Available Moves: 30 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (18 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 40,000 points
Two Stars: 80,000 points
Three Stars: 100,000 points

As you can see, all the jellies in this level are all in an isolated row, positioned behind licorice swirls that could be very hard to clear since you can’t get adjacent combinations. There are two cake bombs that could make clearing these jellies easier and more enjoyable. The cake bombs are quite easy to clear since they are somewhat in the middle, and no sides are put up against the walls of the board. There are just 5 colors so you could probably get the special candies you need easier than usual. For that, the following tips and strategies could also help:

1. Clear the cake bombs one at a time:
It doesn’t matter which one you explode first; just make sure that you clear one bomb at a time. This makes the cake bombs more effective since they clear out the board twice instead of one time big time.

2. Make special candies to clear the jellies:
Use color bombs to pair with other special candies so as to achieve optimal results in clearing out the jellies. A color bomb + striped candy could be really nice.

3. Clear the licorice swirls:
It would be easier to get rid of the jellies and to make special candies if the board is wide enough. This is why you must get rid of the licorice swirls.

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