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Candy Crush Level 482

Available Moves: 30 moves
Goal: Candy order (77 purple and blue candies)
Target Score: 20,000 points
Two Stars: 250,000 points
Three Stars: 300,000 points

The orders in this level are not really hard to get, but there are some bomb dispensers that could distract you from the goal. The good thing is that the bomb dispensers would not start spawning bombs unless you begin chipping away at the blockers. There are only 5 colors in this level so special candies may be relatively easy to create, but they can also be nuisances in terms of allowing for the onslaught of the bombs since activating special candies in this level adds to the risk of clearing the blockers as much as you try not to. To help you out, remember the following tips and strategies:

1. Keep the blockers intact for as long as you can:
Work on getting purple and blue candies on the bottom part of the board and try not to clear the upper blockers for as long as you can keep them there. Stall dealing with the bombs and focus on getting the orders first.

2. Detonate candy bombs immediately:
Once the top candies are gone, bombs would start falling to the board. Remember that you can’t afford to get too distracted so you have to deal with them as soon as they spawn.

3. Create special candies:
Avoid getting specials if the top blockers are still preserved but once they’re already gone, there’s no point. Actually, special candies can even help in detonating the bombs.

4. Have fun clearing candies in this level, but don’t forget to claim one free booster from the daily spinning wheel!


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