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Candy Crush Level 486

Available Moves: 45 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (48 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 95,000 points
Two Stars: 145,000 points
Three Stars: 175,000 points

This level is real challenging since there is a risk that the chocolate fountains can spawn enough chocolates to block off the whole top part of the board, making new candies stop from falling to the board. You would lose a lot of moves in trying to clear these chocolates, and when you can’t, you would end up running out of available moves, making you lose the game after a number of shuffles. This could be avoided if you manage to make the sole cake bomb explode quickly. This is easier said than done though, since the cake bomb is surrounded by locked up candies that may be hard to clear even with 5 colors on screen. However, the following tips and strategies could make the level a bit easier:

1. Keep the chocolates at bay:
There are four chocolate fountains on screen, so you have to exert quite an effort to not allow them to dominate the whole board, especially the top part since you can’t afford to stop the flow of candies.

2. Release the locked up candies and make the cake bomb explode:
Use adjacent combinations to release the candy jails. After that, try to make some special candies to make the slices of the cakes explode.

3. Make some special candies:
Once the cake bomb explodes, you just need a couple of special candies to clear out the jellies that are on screen.

4. Do not forget to spin the wheel today!

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