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Candy Crush Level 489

Available Moves: 35 moves
Goal: Candy order (88 blue and 88 purple candies
Target Score: 35,000 points
Two Stars: 300,000 points
Three Stars: 400,000 points

The hardest challenge as far as this level is concerned would be to get rid of the bombs that are already on screen when you start playing. There are four candy bombs, but they only have 9 moves on them so there really is urgency in detonating them. Apart from that, there are a number of blockers and licorice swirls that could disrupt the natural flow of candies. After the initial 4 bombs, the onslaught would not stop due to the bomb dispenser on the middle column. This would continue to spawn candy bombs that could be hard to control since they only have 9 moves and there could be so many of them all at once. Even with only five colors, the level is truly challenging. That’s why you have to remember the following tips and strategies:

1. Get rid of the initial bombs:
Do whatever you can to get rid of the initial bombs since more is to come. Use simple or special combinations to do this, but focus first.

2. Work from the bottom:
Working from the bottom allows you to maximize on accidental matches and could even trigger huge cascades so as to clear bombs while forming.

3. Make specials:
The easiest way to get rid of the bombs while also collecting the candies you need would be to make a lot of special combinations. A color bomb + striped candy could help big time for this level.

4. Have you spun the daily booster wheel?

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