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Candy Crush Level 491

Available Moves: 40 moves
Goal: Bring down all ingredients (1 cherries and 1 hazelnut)
Target Score: 20,000 points
Two Stars: 170,000 points
Three Stars: 200,000 points

It is very hard to get rid of the blockers that are in the way of the ingredients to their exit points. It could get real frustrating due to the number of layers that they have. Aside from that, clearing them would allow for an onslaught of bombs since there are bomb dispensers on top. This becomes problematic due to the scarce number of moves that the bombs have. They all have only 8 moves, so there is urgency in trying to clear them out. All these could be a lot to accomplish in 40 moves, so you would have to remember the following tips and strategies to be successful:

1. Clear the meringues on the bottom first:
Immediately chip away at the bottom meringues so as to take advantage of the possibility of triggering huge cascades that could accidentally clear the meringues that are on top. Use adjacent combinations to achieve this.

2. Take care of the bombs:
It is inevitable that you would deal with bombs sooner or later in this level since once your ingredients drop down, the bomb dispensers are freed automatically. Since the bombs only have 8 moves, simply detonate them as soon as they spawn to avoid future hassles.

3. Make special combinations:
Wrapped candies are powerful enough to clear the lot of meringues in the level. Once most of them are gone, try to get a color bomb + striped candy combination to immediately make the ingredients drop down.

4. Do not forget to spin the wheel today!

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