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Candy Crush Level 494

Available Moves: 40 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (52 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 95,000 points
Two Stars: 160,000 points
Three Stars: 200,000 points

I understand why you would be panicked once you see the 5 candy bombs at the start of the level. After all, they only have 11 moves on them, so there really is pressure in trying to detonate them. However, you shouldn’t worry too much since there is a chance that chocolates could engulf them anyway before they could even cause you problems. The chocolates themselves could be seen as the bigger problems, since there are a lot of them originally on screen. At the bottom part, there are a lot of licorice swirls that could really be frustrating since they hide some jellies as well. The following tips and strategies could help, though:

1. Destroy chocolates and bombs immediately:
Both chocolates and bombs come back as bigger threats when not immediately addressed. You can use some special candies in clearing these bad elements, but as far as the bombs are concerned, some simple combinations would suffice.

2. Find a way to clear the licorice swirls:
Get to the bottom of the lowest pane and make sure you clear as much licorice swirls as you can and use as few moves as possible.

3. Make a lot of special candies:
The best one to get depends on what elements are still on screen. If there are a lot of licorice swirls, try to get a pair of wrapped candies. When there are very few or no licorice swirls at all, a color bomb + striped candy combo could work.

4. Have you spun the free booster wheel today?

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