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Candy Crush Level 5 Guide

Candy Crush Level 5 Guide


Available Moves: 20 moves

Goal: Get at least one star within the given available moves

One Star: 5,000 points
Two Stars: 8,000 points
Three Stars: 12,000 points

Level 5 is where the challenge begins. As you notice, the game board is irregularly shaped, with gaping voids here and there. Sure, getting one star is pretty easy, but getting three stars is a real challenge! So, here are some effective tips to ace this Candy Crush level:

1. Skip the tutorial:
You can make better combinations than the ones suggested by the tour guide. I know by now you know your way around the game, so you can disregard the in-game tutorial already.

2. Don’t miss the spinning wheel:
Remember that you are entitled one spin every day, and the booster won is free. Just click on the spinning wheel and press stop any time to claim your daily booster. Boosters really help you in this game, so don’t miss the chance to earn them for free!

3. Do not fixate on one part of the game board!
Make your eyes roam around until you find the best move! This way you make every move count, and make sure you’re not missing any special candies in the making! Take your time, and have fun!

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