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Candy Crush Level 500

Available Moves: 65 moves
Goal: Bring down all ingredients (4 cherries and 4 hazelnuts)
Target Score: 80,000 points
Two Stars: 260,000 points
Three Stars: 300,000 points

You would really expect that this level is a challenging one since it is the episode’s final level. The sheer amount of multi-layered meringues that are on screen is enough cause of panic for most players. The design of the board is also quite complex, with a lot of blockers such as meringues and locked up candies. Even though there are two cake bombs, they aren’t much help if you are unable to maximize on their effects. Chocolate fountains are present, as well as bomb and licorice dispensers, so you know that you won’t have an easy time at all with this level. Luckily, there are the following tips and strategies that could help you out:

1. Get rid of the blockers:
Do everything you can to get rid of the meringues and the locked up candies. The chocolates also need to be kept at bay so as not to interfere with your goals for this particular level.

2. Make the most of what you’re provided with:
Make the cake bombs explode and pair wrapped/striped candies with the coconut wheel. Clear blockers whenever you can and make sure you make the cake bombs explode one at a time and not at once.

3. Make special candies:
As usual, vertical stripes are needed, but a lot more than that could be done. Get wrapped pairs and even color bomb + striped candy combinations for optimal results.

4. Take a spin at the free booster wheel!

Candy Crush Level 500 Tips: Version 2

Available Moves: 60
Goal: Bring all 4 hazelnuts and cherries down.
Target Score: 80,000 points
Two Stars: 260,000 points
Three Stars: 300,000 points

Level 500 of Candy Crush Saga is the fifteenth and last level of Meringue Moor and the 122nd ingredients level. In order to win, you must bring down all 4 hazelnuts and cherries and score 80,000 points in the process, with 60 moves to do so. However, the “carved in” rectangular style of the board with many triple icing blockers and two cakes makes this one highly difficult to complete. In fact, this level used to include all known blockers and bombs, making it almost impossible to complete, but this since has now been made easier. There are 5 colors, making creating striped candy combinations moderately difficult. This level is classified as Highly Challenging.

– Try to line up your candies vertically, increasing the speed of which you can break through the icing. Failure to do this will most likely result in a loss of the course.

– Try to create striped/ wrapped candies. This will make destroying the cake bombs and side barriers easier. You should remove the coconut wheel as well.

– When the coconut wheel is released, clear the liquorice swirls, moving the coconut wheel upwards, in order to create three striped candies, and remove slices of the cake bomb.

– When all cake bombs have been cleared, again line up the candies vertically to remove the icing. Do not get bombs trapped. They are 9 move bombs, so getting trapped will cost you the game.

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