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Candy Crush Level 62 Guide


Available Moves: 21 moves
Goal: Bring down all ingredients (2 hazelnuts and 3 cherries)
Target Score: 30,000 points
Two Stars: 45,000 points
Three Stars: 55,000 points

21 moves won’t be enough to clear all 18 chocolate frames AND bring down 5 ingredients, so it’sa really good thing that there are locked up candies flanking the chocolate columns so you won’t have to immediately address candy situations. The downside to this setup is that you have limited space to work with (only 4 columns) if you choose not to free locked up candies. This level is very challenging all in all because of that. So, to help you with the challenge, here are some effective tips and strategies:

1. Do not free locked up candies!
It is far easier to work with a limited space than risk wasting your stingy 21 moves in matters like
addressing the chocolate spawns. Just try to keep locked up candies inside the candy jail, and you’ll
never have to worry about the chocolate spawns!

2. Work from the bottom:
You’d need to clear a lot of candies to slide your ingredients down, so make sure you maximize
“accidental” combinations by working from the bottom. The downside of taking advantage of the
cascade effect is that you can’t control the combinations forming above, so there is a chance that locked up candies may be accidentally freed. If that happens, then just make sure you avoid further troubles by clearing at least one chocolate frame with every move.

3. Make special candy combinations:
Vertical candies work just as well in this level as was typical in ingredient levels. Make a lot of
these and you’ll be good!

4. Done? Congratulations! Now check the spinning wheel and make sure you don’t miss your daily free booster!

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