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Candy Crush level 63 Guide

Level 63

Available Moves: 20 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (2 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 50,000 points
Two Stars: 65,000 points
Three Stars: 85,000 points

There are chocolate spawns spread throughout the game board in this level. They envelop the double coated jelly frames, but as there are only 4 jelly squares, it is quite easy to clear them even with
only 20 moves. However, like the few preceding levels, the score requirement is the real challenge.
The trick is to focus and try to have a few moves left after the goal has been achieved to improve your score.

For more effective tips and strategies for Candy Crush level 63, read on:

1. Don’t let the chocolates spread!

Come on, it’s not that hard! You need only clear one chocolate spawn in every move, and they won’t spread ever if you do that! You need your moves in clearing jellies, not clearing a lot of chocolate

2. Work on the two bottom jellies first.
The idea is to hope that cascading matches would clear chocolates and jellies on the upper part
of the screen. Whatever you do, just remember to clear at least one chocolate frame with every move.

3. Mix and match special candies:
Try to get vertical stripes or basically any special candy combination for this level. Not only will
they clear multiple chocolates and jellies for you, but they would also earn you bigger point bonuses!

4. Focus!
Try to spare a few moves at the end of the level so that jelly fish would be activated, and your
score would skyrocket.

5. Make sure you don’t miss your daily booster! Just spin the wheel!

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