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Candy Crush Level 64 Guide


Available Moves: All you can do in 90 seconds
Goal: Earn at least one star within the given time limit
Target Score: 10,000 points
Two Stars: 20,000 points
Three Stars: 30,000 points

This is one of the levels where you don’t have to avoid chocolate spawns because they actually need to be addressed. Again, this is       a mash up level of the three blockers: meringue, chocolate, and
candy jail. Since this is a timed level, you need to have a very wide playing area for more combinations and chances for special candies.

For more effective tips and strategies for Candy Crush level 64, read on:

1. Get rid of all blockers immediately:
They limit you, so better take care of them first. Just make sure that once you get rid of the
meringue blockers and candy jail, you will also clear each and every chocolate spawn so they wouldn’t
come back to bother you. Clearing blockers won’t only delimit you; they actually earn you bigger

2. Make special candies:
This is another sure fire way to make sure you reach the target score before the time runs out!
Actually, a pair of wrapped candies would be useful in clearing blockers so try to come up with that
specific combination if you can!

3. Spare some special candies and time bonuses:
They’re worth more once the clock stops ticking, so do save a few especially if you’re aiming for three stars!

4. That one was quite easy, wasn’t it? Well, the next ones wouldn’t be, so make sure you prepare yourself by picking up free boosters from the spinning wheel every day!

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