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Candy Crush Level 68 Guide

Available Moves: 25 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (54 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 120,000 points
Two Stars: 180,000 points
Three Stars: 250,000 points

With only 25 moves to clear 54 double coated jelly frames, you have to at least clear 4 or 5 jellies with every move. This is not a very easy task, especially that there are tricky jellies positioned underneath locked up candies. It may take a few tries before you crack this case, but be thankful that there are no meringue blockers or chocolate spawns to throw off your game plan in this level.

Here are some important tips and strategies for this level:

1. Assess the candy situation before you make your first move:
Make sure the locked up candies are easy to free. If not, then reset the game until you find a
board that makes it easy. Remember that these are the trickiest parts of the board to address.

2. Free the locked up candies immediately:
You’d want to make use of the portals, and the locked up candies are making it inaccessible!
Well, just free the locked up candies and you’ll have the remaining of the game cruising!

3. Mix and match special candies:
With such a mismatch with the number of available moves vis-à-vis the number of jellies that
must be cleared, special candy combinations are surely needed. Try to get a colour bomb + striped
candy combination.

4. Have you claimed your daily free booster?

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