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Candy Crush Level 84 Guide

Available Moves: All you can do in 90 seconds

Goal: Earn at least one star within the allotted time limit

Target Score: 15,000 points

Two Stars: 30,000 points

Three Stars: 40,000 points

This is a timed level, so speed is a requirement! There are only five candies in this level insteadCandy Crush level 84 Strategy
of the usual six, so finding good combinations shouldn’t be very hard. There are, however, 22 liquorice
swirls making it a bit challenging. The target score is not that hard to reach, just as long as you don’t lose
your focus. To help you get past Candy Crush level 84, here are some effective tips and strategies:

1. Clear as much liquorice as fast as you can:
They occupy a lot of spaces in this level, so make sure you try your best to eliminate them all.
Regular adjacent combinations would do, as they are more efficient than striped candies!

2. Make regular combinations quickly:
Within the first few moves, do not focus too much on looking for special candies and special
candy combinations. Regular combinations would suffice, just as you do them one after the other. This
is how you get time bonuses to stretch the 90 seconds to more!

3. Mix and match special candies:
This should be done when you’ve already stretched the time limit via time bonuses. These boost
your score, so if you’re aiming for three stars, make as many of these as you can!

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